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I recently sat comfortably with a buddy with him and drank one. With a new guy in the clique as he meant, he wanted to introduce me absolutely. What should that be? Did he want to couple me again, or just miss me a good fuck? "Ok" I thought to myself and first saw how the evening developed. The more I drank and the later it became, this guy became more and more likeable !!! It was not long before we exchanged the first clear - ambiguous looks. Mhmmm if he could well durchficken so well my wet pussy, how he could throw me sex looks .. ?? I had to find out absolutely !!! After about 2 hours we had so slow enough from sitting together and my buddy said goodbye to us in the night and left us alone !!! "What am I doing now with this guy?" I thought to myself, and just decided to take him upstairs to my bedroom. Huu what happened haunts me until today in my dreams !!!

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  • Dragon187

    Jul 20, 2018, 11:55:37 AM

    Wie immer sehr geiles Filmchen dein Stöhnen,deine Bewegungen einfach scharf dazu noch dein genussvolles lutschen :)

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