Unpainted and with a natural scent - otherwise he never splashes so quickly

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The day was exhausting yesterday. I fell flat in the evening in the box without going into the shower beforehand. In the morning he was already in front of me to sniff my hot armpit and pussy scent. Seems to make him pretty horny. His tail is so stiff after a short time that it literally slips into my wet hole. After a few deep and hard thrusts, I am really excited and squirt my juice towards him. That must have done him a lot - because shortly afterwards he pulls him out to inject everything into my horny pierced fuck face. Just the right ointment for my swollen upper lip piercing. #riechmich #schnitzspritzer #spermagesicht

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  • earve1

    Mar 1, 2020, 3:31:39 PM

    Ich verstehe ihn, dich würde ich auch sofort durchvögeln und dann in deinen Mund spritzen, mir einen Spermakuss holen und dann noch deine Pussy bearbeiten und nochmals zum Squirten bringen und dann deinen Fotzensaft sauberlecken!!!

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