SPUCKEMEDITATION escalates and ends in a disgusting meditation for proper facecloths

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Female Domination
Golden Showers

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My previous meditations enjoy so high popularity, there seems to be many small losers who want to turn in, want to find themselves, expect peace in meditation and finally want to admit that they are just right washcloths. I'll tell you Exactly why such a slobberhead like you will NEVER enjoy such a beautiful body, such an intelligent woman like me, while you have to repeat and repeat my words over and over again. Everything that I command you to repeat and repeat - and you will repeat I'll think so too. Some things - important things - you have to repeat several times. Of course on my knees. After a while I take off my hot outfit, but you will not see me naked and why it will be like that I will make it clear to you. But we will not stay with a spit meditation, because I get going in that way I teach you that you are responsible for all my garbage: condoms, chocolate, champagne and spit. And you will repeat everything well behaved. With great surprise towards the end of the video, because you will see something there, which will immediately trigger in you the desire MEEEEEEHR to want!

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