About me

Hey, I'm the Anne. I just turned eighteen and in my first year of training I'm a physiotherapist.

So many new things at once is quite unusual and sometimes a bit scary for me, as I have to admit: D. Until my education is finished, I live with my parents in my old room. This is sometimes a bit annoying, but it's not forever. After the apprenticeship I would like to move to some bigger city, because I live in the countryside, more precisely in a very small village near Jena.

I really enjoy playing the piano and the guitar, so I got started very early and meanwhile I really enjoy it. Earlier against the apprenticeships, - today against the work stress, I like to put on a little workout to get the head free again. Otherwise, it is in such a small village rather difficult to experience something exciting, although I am also more restrained ... Well, actually I am very reserved: D. I've never been like my girlfriends, breaking any rules or doing anything "indecent". My parents are very conservative and especially my mother can be difficult when it comes to boys, that's why I never dared to bring someone home ...

I do not want to think about what she does to me when she finds out I'm just trying to get to know another side. I want to develop further, have fun and do something with boys. I think I'm just trying to rebel against my parents, I've never done that before and I think it's high time! Yes, maybe I should have started a little smaller, got a tattoo or something, but somehow I think that's the right thing for me to finally become independent and shape my life according to my own ideas. In the beginning I will probably not dare so much, because I have very little experience even without a camera and because I think I have to rantasten many things first. I hope that's okay and we can still get to know each other in the Cam or so.

I'm happy for that,

your Anne