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  • May 12, 2019, 5:09:18 PM

    Wow, finally defenseless ..

    I'm just totally broken and can not believe right what happened just now. It was cool. I entrusted myself to my roommate and told him that I was very anxious to be defenseless in sex. He seemed to be very happy because he only grinned and
    directly brought a few shackles ..

    I do not want to anticipate too much now, because of course we have the whole thing
    recorded to share with you;)

    It was definitely a lot of fun. We needed a felt eternity, until we the
    have properly attached new restraints. This anticipation, this tension has driven me crazy. But see for yourself, I hope you enjoy the new video as much as I did;)

    Your Nora: *

    Wow, finally defenseless ..