Arrogant Instamodel can fuck for blue hooks

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Oh you lousy tour of me ... I promised the sweet I can give her the Blue Hook on Instag ... want to have all Famegeilen Girls. She said OK ... but I should only lick her pussy. What an arrogant and conceited piece ... well, no matter I thought to myself, first dance to her pipe when I lick her first then goes more. We met at the hotel and she lay down in front of me and played on her pussy then I took her thong and was allowed to lick her. I started wanking my cock and when I had a stand I just put her in her wet cunt. Jackpot she keeps well behaved and can be fucked by me pretty nice and to make a bitch. Probably she is so horny on the blue hook that she just goes through it ;-). Finally, I inject her still a nice load of cum in her mouth and then go home quickly. She still does not have the blue hook ;-) Well, man has to be an asshole too! About a positive review I would be happy #muschylecken #fotzelecken ## pussylecken

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