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She was the most beautiful girl in school. It took me over a month to ever speak to her and once i did i couldnt stop. after a few weeks of dating she invited me to meet her family. her mother was beautiful and that night i began to fall in love. UNTIL i met her little sister! She was late for dinner that night, from dance class. Her Beauty was jaw dropping and it was then i realized I wanted her... I needed her... too feel her... too FUCK her! I couldn't stop thinking about her and it took me weeks to convince my girlfriend to let me stay over. That night tho i snuck into her room and ate her pussy until she had tears in her eyes. She was so sweet, so tight! I knew i had her in a palm of my hand and it was just a matter of time before she lusted me just as badly. Dinner that night was well, fun. we played and teased under the table. Tonight was the night! I waited until everyone went to ***** and snuck into her room again, she was waiting for me... I recorded it all (i mean wouldn't you?) this was history! (Keywords: #cheating #creampie #teen)

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