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  • Jan 9, 2018, 12:21:35 AM

    First Day Review and NEW schedule

    I popped online for a bit the other day and had a fun time meeting a few of you!!

    I was nervous but it seems to be a similar cam platform to what Im used to so I caught on quickly engel


    I want to set a solid schedule tho at least to try out and see what its like ~

    those of you fans that just signed up with me, as you can tell its a little bit different from sites like MFC and such but its better in the sense of no more noah getting mad at a room of freeloaders! NOW we can finally just have fun  #deathtofreechat 



    USA (eastern time) - 1pm-3pm // midnight-3am

    Canada (Vancouver) - 10am-1pm // 9am-Noon

    UK (London) - 6pm-9pm // 5am-8am

    Italy (Naples) - 7pm-10pm // 6am-9am

    Germany (Frankfurt) - 7pm-10pm // 6am-9am

    Romania (Bucharest)- 8pm-11pm // 7am-10am

    **these are the TOP 6 places the majority of you guys come from so if I left any country out this is why**

    **also follow me on social media to get a more accurate view on my lifes happenings @noahbensi (twitter and instagram)**


    Ill try to make it online everyday until the 20th of Jan. then Im off to the AVNs ~ currently my main focus is content so when I leave for the week you guys can still play with me !

    See you Later



    First Day Review and NEW schedule