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Foot Fetish

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Does the dwarf look familiar under my shoes ?? Yes? That's right, it's you! A small, horny dwarf who is happy to carry his goddess on hands. That I had to buy these shoes, you can imagine, laugh. Look how he is happy to carry me. The little dwarf tail is happy too. He wants to jerk off, most of all syringes. But the mistress does not like that at all. She wants the dwarfs to stay unsprayed so that they are submissive and willing. For all tasks and commands she gives. Well, who is going to make a dwarf uprising because he is not allowed to inject? I already know that you are now horny without end, because I let you between my toes. An absolute dwarf paradise. A humiliating Wichsanleitung that has me extremely amused and amused. A MUST in your collection !!!

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  • Fetischist-Jo

    Mar 22, 2018, 5:57:31 PM

    Göttin ich trage sie voller Ehrfurcht auf Händen. Ich bin süchtig nach ihnen und mir wünschen ihnen Geschenke machen zu dürfen.

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