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  • Apr 4, 2018, 12:32:24 PM

    Thanks to all my fans !!!

    MISS THE 40% ON EVERYTHING! TODAY FROM 14-20 AND AT 5.4 TO A TOP VIDEO (from 0:00 o'clock to 0:00 o'clock) not!

    I wanted to thank you here for your great and super cool support! I think it's as great as you rated my videos and give me always new suggestions :) Sorry if I do not answer right away, then it's not "you" but because I can not make it in time.

    Then warm greetings to the GWEINNER
    (ald17-17), from the GS ("rate video") , I am particularly pleased to meet these users in May! I'll talk about the meeting in detail :) and you see it's worth it to stay at the "ball" who wants to meet me :)

    Unfortunately, due to the large request and due to time constraints, I can not meet all users at the same time or as fast as I would like.



    Thanks to all my fans !!!