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  • Apr 14, 2018, 11:07:13 AM

    Again 40% !!!

    Today until 0:00 clock again 40% on a top video :) you have to look for it yourself;) But I'm curious if you recognize me with my glasses;) I wear only in the lectures, if I too far back seats - do you like them? But the video with glasses and where I the lecture "tails" is coming soon :)


  • Apr 9, 2018, 9:43:51 PM

    Again, 40% is ALL on 10.4

    Once again a big compliment and THANKS to all fans who supported me in the public games. You are all great! One of you may then experience me live, who will show up on the weekend.
    I write as usual everything in the blog here!

    So then I wish you much fun with the 40% on my videos and even on the Cam from 20-02 clock tomorrow on 10.4!

    Your Jenny

  • Apr 8, 2018, 1:20:28 PM

    Thanks to all my fans who support me :)

    I would like to thank all my fans here who support me so diligently in the public competition klatschen For third place it will probably not be enough, but who knows with your support, it may still work. Every ESTIMATION counts. For such a young girl like me that would be really awesome - but in the end I'm glad that so many of you already support me

    In April and May there will be 2 user-meetings - I think the two are already looking forward to it and me too !!! #sexy #meeting #sweet #jennystella #public #blowing

  • Apr 6, 2018, 11:54:47 AM


    That was my very first time with 2 TAILS AT THE SAME TIME! It was an experience I've never had before and I was already very excited before - tomorrow or today it comes online - that's the OBERHAMMER . I still can not believe it and all this AO! FINALE we sprayed twice in the mouth and then I swallow a lot more of the 2 tail, because he came directly in the mouth - wow. There's everything in it - AO, bubbles, pussy, anal and then mud shove in my Teeniemund, Teensex (2nd cock is only 18!). That was the hottest sex experience of my life so far, logically with 18 you have not so much experience: D

    Which one of you wants to be the next? Who wants to be even harder than the young cock? Who dares?

    As promised, there will be one of all reviewers who can be there - but it can only be a give!
    Then I want to thank you in advance that you all for my "first sperm walk so diligently VOTET and you support me to come in the top 3 places - THANK YOU!


  • Apr 4, 2018, 12:32:24 PM

    Thanks to all my fans !!!

    MISS THE 40% ON EVERYTHING! TODAY FROM 14-20 AND AT 5.4 TO A TOP VIDEO (from 0:00 o'clock to 0:00 o'clock) not!

    I wanted to thank you here for your great and super cool support! I think it's as great as you rated my videos and give me always new suggestions :) Sorry if I do not answer right away, then it's not "you" but because I can not make it in time.

    Then warm greetings to the GWEINNER
    (ald17-17), from the GS ("rate video") , I am particularly pleased to meet these users in May! I'll talk about the meeting in detail :) and you see it's worth it to stay at the "ball" who wants to meet me :)

    Unfortunately, due to the large request and due to time constraints, I can not meet all users at the same time or as fast as I would like.