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  • Feb 14, 2019, 3:59:55 PM

    Sorry I'm late :(

    I am always reliable and then that? I promised you the video with Lia from Hamburg at 2 pm, now it's online :) Phew, I owe you something;)

    For that you can see my two videos:
    Part 1 and Part 2! Swallowing mud and swallowing cum - become my partner and apply!

    from today 0:00 to Saturday 23:59 with 40
    % Bonus look at you! Part 1 Today from 0:00 to Friday 23:59 and Part 2 all Saturday!


  • Feb 13, 2019, 2:21:52 PM

    Tomorrow on 14.2 at 14 o'clock "My first time with a strap-on"

    Do you know that? You have a fantasy and in fantasy everything is very simple. Everything works. Now for the practice. Uh okay, not so easy to have a tail, I had to determine, as I wanted to fuck Lia pretty in doggy. I wanted to catch the pussy and where did I land? Full with the big glans of the dildo in the butt of my sweet Lia! But take a look at what I'm doing with Lia and her with me!

    #sexy #teen # pussy

  • Feb 9, 2019, 7:43:47 PM

    The naughty, dirty and wet Sunday is coming!

    So my dear fans :) Tomorrow I fly back, but for you I have something very special! A very short (40s) but mega
    with me and
    and then my blatant experience in 2018 on Venus! Everything to
    uncut, cheeky and mega, mega filthy!

    best wishes from Hamburg

    your Jenny Stella

    #sexy #jennystella

  • Feb 7, 2019, 6:57:31 PM

    Today from 8pm 40% on EVERYTHING!

    From 20 clock to 2 clock, there is my Hamburg bonus! 40% on EVERYTHING!

    I lowered the news back to 80DC!
    Many of you can not afford the 100DC and I understand that. But I want to stay in contact with you. But it may be that unfortunately I can not always answer immediately.


  • Feb 6, 2019, 8:06:11 PM

    Tomorrow is my first record of 2019!

    I broke a record before Hamburg, but look at it! Tomorrow 7.2 from 12:00 clock it is my new Vidoe online! It's getting harder, but as I know my fans, you'll love it :)

    I finally arrived in Hamburg and am looking forward to the shoot and definitely
    many other great things here. The cam I send live from Hamburg. Unfortunately, I can not stick to hard times here, but just keep looking
    in, whether
    I am online :)

    From the 11.2.19 everything is like
    continue :)