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Outdoor Sex

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I secretly met with my girlfriend's brother today. We wanted to eat an ice cream together. When we were on the road, he told me that he is totally on hot teens in denim pants and that it totally turn my jeans on. Somehow I found it exciting that I only made him hot through my jeans and I could see all the time the big bump in his pants. When we arrived at a street entrance long, I just grabbed his pants and massaged his big cock. He was already really hard but only on a hand job I had no desire, as he put his hand in my jeans, I had to fuck really bock. I've kneeled down and his hot cock first sucked really nice and wet and then doggy perched in front of him and pulled my jeans just a small piece down so he could fuck me really hard in my tight hole. In the end, he just sprayed me threesome on my jeans, even though I still have to go home! Where would you have splashed?

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