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Today I have an appointment with my best friend. We wanted to watch a movie, I did not know which, but he always knows good movies. When he arrived and asked him what we are looking for, he suddenly became totally cocky and wanted to see my ass. Since I was not so bock on it, he is my best friend! Suddenly he pulled me down my pants grabbed my head and put his cock all the way into my throat. It was so deep that even my tears came. He fucked all my holes and injected me his entire cum in my column. Well in the end I could not say no to fuck anymore. : P

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  • Big_Small

    Sep 23, 2018, 3:08:31 PM

    Auf dem DVD Abend warst du wohl nicht vorbereitet, das er etwas völlig anderes im Sinn hat.
    Das du das mit dir machen lässt zeigt nur wie locker und offen du an gewisse Dinge herangehst :-D
    Mal wieder ein klasse Video liebe Maya :-)

  • MHRI

    Aug 19, 2018, 1:08:06 AM

    Oh Maya so willig wollen, kennen und mögen wir Dich :D
    So spritzt jeder Schwanz. Klare 10 :-)

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