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Golden Showers

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So I end up almost driving past this truck stop, on my long journey to another state for a business convention LOL! I don't know why I just didn't pee right out next to the highway LOL! IT was cold! Finally I walk into the rest stop, no one is there! Completely empty! Do you think I can pee in a public sink? I think I can!You can see my nipple poking through my shirt, it is SO cold! So I look around, cautiously, then quickly pull down my pants! I sit down onto this sink, as it it were a toilet LOL! I end up falling off at first ha! Ok, let's try again! This time I stand on one leg and aim for the public sink! And it works! My super yellow pee sprays into the sink! You can hear it spraying out of me! I was full of pee from driving! Then it drizzles pee for what seems like forever, as I am hoping no one walks in LOL! It just keeps dripping all over! Then I hear a sound & RUSH! I don't don't even wipe, just throw clothes on & walk away fast! I run into a stall to get cleaned up! I wipe off my pussy & get my clothes back on! Turns out the second visitor was a male that never went in the women's room! LOL I was SO nervous! So I wash down the pee I left in the sink!

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