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Golden Showers

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Doing something right in public had my pussy throbbing n leaking cream! I came back to my hotel full of liquid! The video begins when I am getting out my car. I show you the outside of the hotel. We open the hotel door and head down the stairs towards my room.We walk through the door that leads to the floor that my hotel room is on and I walk a few steps in. Then I throw down everything in my hands and pull my shorts to the side. Quickly my pee squirts all over, covering the carpeted floor! It was a nice long, super stream, with lots of pee squirting out!Then I bring your face up close to let you watch the last drop of pee fall off of my hairy pussy. My pussy was leaking cream! I pull up my pussy as the drops of pee drop off. Then the cream leaks from the back of my pussy onto the floor. Then I decide to sit on the floor and bounce against the carpet to dry off! Then I show you the hallway carpet soaked in pee! Then I show you the hallway, where anyone could have walked out or in at any time! Then I show you how I accidentally peed all over the back of my shorts! I was soaked! Then I show you the exit where anyone could have walked in and saw me!

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