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Golden Showers

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After spending a fun night on the town, I ended up at a strip club I used to work at! I always seem to end up there at the end of my naughty nights! I was heading out of the club to go home and decided I wanted to pop a squat! The video begins with me walking out from my truck, shouting over to my girl to start the truck. She knew I was headed to pee! So the strip club has two entrances, one for regular customers & one for VIP customers. The VIP area isn't used anymore. So I walk to that entrance and find a spot. I REALLY had to go! I rush to pull down my pants as I squeal no no,trying to hold my pee! The second my pants drop pee starts to squirt! We're outdoors in the dark, but with cam flash you can see my shiny pee stream spraying about. It was cold outside, so as pee hits the pavement, steam is comes up! I pee for quite a while! Once I finish, I lean down to get my pants up, standing in my piss pool! With the flash on, you can see the shine from the pee on pavement. I laugh & show the shiny soaked ground! Then I show you around, pointing out all of the areas that someone could've seen me! Then head to the truck. I show the area around the strip club.

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