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I start by turning on the shower and shaking my hairy out of a pony tail. You are right underneath the shower head. I point the shower head towards the back of the shower and let you watch me get soaked! Then I walk up close and let you watch the shower water spray all over my big tits! I drizzle soap all over my tits, then walk towards the water. I manually create the bubbles with my hands! I start running my breasts all around, up and down, getting those bubbles to form! Slowly my chest is covered in bubbles, my big tits right in your face. Then I step back and let some of the bubbles move down to my hairy bush :) Then I put my large, wet, soapy tits right in your face! Playing with my boobs really turned me on! I keep walking back and forth, soapy tits to your face, and then back up to rub my pussy. Soon I put my leg up and finger myself from behind. Titties really make me hot! I continue to run my hands all over my body. After awhile I was really getting turned on and said fuck it! I move to sit on the bathtub! I sit back, hold my huge breasts, and finger myself until I cum so hard! I came from looking at my own tits! First time doing that!!

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