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Golden Showers

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The video begins with me in the massage room, half dressed, acting a crazy food LOL! I am dancing around the room while getting dressed because I have to pee so bad! Finally I get myself dressed and head out of the massage room, to the bathrooms! I walk through the massage place waiting room and finally get to the bathroom in the back! I start jumping again, going crazy not to piss myself LOL! I rush to get my pants down and my pee sprays into the toilet! I pee for much longer than I usually do! After I finish peeing, I bring your face over very close to see the last drops of pee hanging in my hairy pussy. Then I grab some toilet paper to clean myself up. Then I pull my top down and put my shorts back on. As I was getting dressed you happened to be pointed right into my cleavage, so I tease you with it :) Then I let you watch the toilet flush. Then we look at ourselves in the mirror, making sure I don't look crazy or anything LOL! Turns out I had make up all over my face. Ok finally I am peed out, cleaned up and finished. I head back up the front and almost run over some old man, trying to hide the fact that I am recording myself peeing and walking through their halls LOL!

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  • Doc1388

    May 15, 2017, 2:39:06 PM

    Great one! But you poor thing had to pee during the whole session? Thanks for sharing your relief with us!

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