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Golden Showers

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It was late night and I had to pee, so I decided to go somewhere public. I found an open car wash and decided to pull in. As I am walking around, thinking about peeing, I start having trouble controlling myself! As soon as the thought of peeing crossed my mind, my bladder rushes to let it go! I lean down and take off my clothes. Then I put my leg up onto one of the pole, and my pee begins to spray out of me! The heavy winds almost caused my pee to spray back at me! After I am done, I bring you in close to see the last drops falling from my hairy pussy. This is when I realize that I had a tampon in! The tampon string is also soaked and fluttering about with the winds! Afterwards, I show you my pee all over the floor! I sprayed out everywhere! Doing this in public really makes me feel SO ALIVE haha! One I finish, I rush to get my clothes back on, as I don't want to get arrested, or anything LOL! Finally I get my pants and shoes back on, then I go back to showing you my giant pee puddle that sprayed all over the place! Then I pull up my shirt and show you my cold boobies, with super hard nipples! I walk around once more before I decide it is time to get the fuck out of here LOL!

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