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Ohh ever you would not believe what happened! My neighbor rang recently at my door and asked me if I could even make the laptop by her boyfriend to repair or she would not know how to do that and her boyfriend, the so yes normally knows, is on vacation. I said OK, I'll see what about it and give notice when I got to run it again. So I looked at his Lappi, had been able to fix it even ;-) haha ??pressed only one button-. Well, I'm naturally very curious and looked me in secret a few files ... suddenly I could not believe my eyes, what I saw was the HAMMER !!! Because it really is a video of me on the laptop !!!! How can that be ??! He hid a camera in the bathroom and filmed me while showering .... how embarrassing, just good morning with Strubbel hair and ***** through face :-( it's harmless (no sex) :-) although for you horny studs it is not good ... LOL ... Nina brushing the teeth, showering, brushing and makeup hair ... but I look more files on the Lappi by'm wondering what I can find so ;-)

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  • Knutschel57

    Dec 4, 2016, 11:26:44 AM

    toll dir beim duschen zuzusehen,wie du deinen geilen körper pflegst,da hätte ich noch eine weile zusehen können,ich hätte dich auch gerne eingecremt,danke dein wichsender MARTIN

  • 2010tempo

    Apr 17, 2016, 1:55:29 PM

    Mach noch mehr Lust Dich kennen zu lernen!

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