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Hello! This is the newest addition to my side project. I want to be like Benny Hill on crack in about 15 years, that's my life major goal, coupled with dough like Hefner. So... about this clip. This is the second shoot I did with this pornstar girl Anastasia Knight. I honestly just wanted to fuck her 18 year old pussy raw a few times so that's why she's up here. The pussy was fucking great... cause... when is 18 year old pussy NOT great..?? Anyways, she sucks a bunch of dick, jacks me off for a bit, I beat it up all nice in a few positions like usual, I hand her the cam at one of two parts of the clip, and there's plenty of that good ol' split screen action that I guess I'm known for though I certainly didn't create the technique. I actually stole that from a competitor and ******* it in my own way. I have a BIG fucking 2018 coming with a lot of great surprises if they all pan out. A significant increase in Asian girls is in the works.. big time... bigly... YUGE.. BIG.. AMAZING.. IT'S LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN... RAW, GROWN-MAN DICK FOR ALL OF THEM!!!

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