You are very good worshiping toy...

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Female Domination
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High Heels

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Big fan Angel's who really want to meet her and worship her amazing feet. He is some suit guy and somehow found her apartment and he is spying her through window when she is dressing her tan stockings and ****-heels with open toe. But she suddenly notice him. She open door and with very authoritative style ask him: "What are you doing here? Are you serious? Are you spying me?" "No, miss Angel, I am your big fan, sorry for that, I just want to meet you and say Hello, I am leaving now... bye." "You want my feet don't you? You perverse bastard..." He is very ashamed. "Yes." "And are you ready to pay the highest price for that?" "I will do anything for you if you let me worship your amazing feet..." They enter the apartment, she is commanded to undress him and he must lie down on bed. Angel sits next to him on her sofa and stretch her feet over his face. "Take off my shoes..." He must do it by his mouth. After shoes are out he is really sexually excited and she put her beautiful feet on ......

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