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  • Jun 5, 2018, 2:30:42 PM

    What is enough?

    When comes to serious relationships, I am not the best one to talk about. That is for the simple fact that I never being single.

    Since I gave my first kiss, I always had a school boyfriend, a crush, a kisser, either a boy or a girl.

    The thing is that I am just not good at all at being single. It has never being my thing.

    No I am not talking about the one night stands, the bathroom parties "quickies". I never being a prud, but heavens forbid me that I become a no boundaries at all woman.

    But today, I was thinking "how many is it enough?", I mean how many relationships are enough to say ok I am done or this is the one?

    I had 2/5 serious boyfriends and 1 marriage and
    now I am back on my 10 years old mind, where I always thought how nice would be to be single forever, no **** and successful.

    But then my 28 years old mind, likes to remind me how good was for a period to have a partner. Someone to take care of and care about you.

    And my up to come 45 years old soul, start to think that is all enough.

    Why the 45 years old me, think this is enough!? I do not know!

    Here are some possibilites:

    1- I am pretty sure that I cross the number 500 on my fucking list;

    2- One marriage in somebody lives is more than enough;

    3- Luckly I do not got a ***** out of this marriage;

    4- I saved a *****, from buffer from my mistakes;


    5- I am not a very quiet observer - I will talk if I see my partner doing **** ahahah, I can not keep things just to mysel

    But the present I, just did not gave up in the possibility of having a cool, honesty, hor and supportive relationship.

    Is arder with the job, but even put my mouth around cocks has the name JOB included, this confirms that nothing in life meant to be easy. There are our Office Jobs, Whore Jobs, Corner Jobs, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, Nose Jobs and the list goes on.

    I go back to my JOB of find a nice partner, that Will least at least 3 weeks :)

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    What is enough?