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  • Jun 1, 2018, 7:38:54 PM

    Judgement Day!

    So we say in Brazil, that "Who has mouth, can go to Rome", that is like a really bad translation in here. But I hope you can get, what am saying.
    With the Advance of Technology, so many apps to get on our phones, many of us end up feeling entitled to share our opinion all the time.

    Are we, really entitled of that?

    In my opinion ahahah NO. Most of us, judge the book by its cover, which is ridiculous, but yet I do and you do as well.

    Even knowing that is wrong.

    But the fuck internet with democracy and Humans Rights, when gave the access to information to everyone - which is great but dangerous as well, end up spreading
    wrong ideas and concepts or even worse letting people say whatever they have on their mind, without consequences.

    So my suggestion is, if you do not know well a person, a place or a subject do not give deep opinions, don't try to look smart or cool on things that are out of your reach.

    This is it for this week, see you on the another side!