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  • Jun 13, 2019, 11:05:31 PM

    Drehparter wanted for user rotation in Dusseldorf

    Hey my sweetie !!!

    Wanted is again a really hard fucker!

    I have a really cool location for my next fuck-a-fan meeting and need a rich and horny well-stocked
    Ficker for a great user rotation. Meanwhile, it should be known that even if I'm a mini person, it takes a lot of time and endures a lot. So if you say now your jaw was always too big for all girls, no for me he is not, you can still do it a bit harder zerficken than you are used to. Even if you mean every old woman has made up to now because you can do so long, No I never go limp. hihi

    Well-groomed outside and a degree of courtesy, of course, I expect. Of course Nice does not hurt.

    If all this applies to you then off and shave the bag and ran to the keys and just wrote me a message.

    This time I shoot in Dusseldorf and want to be really hard, as you get used to from my videos.

    The film will be shot on June 21st and on June 22nd in Düsseldorf in an appartement in the city center.

    No, I do not do gangbang !!! You're the only one who fucks me!

  • May 27, 2019, 7:47:11 PM

    Do you like nylons Pantyhose on pantyhose?

    If you like nylons and tights then this is the one for you. What richitg horny what you will get neat sperm from your cock and which you hopefully with full karacho on my little nylon feet squirts ..

    Look in my latest video;)

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  • Apr 12, 2019, 1:22:45 AM

    NEW BBC clip !!!

    Have you ever looked inside? I have uploaded a great new clip. Every big black cock action lover will get his money's worth. So pants on and SChwanz brought out, here is richitg sprayed ..

  • Mar 13, 2019, 12:03:23 AM

    Drehpartner wanted for 22.3-23.3.2019 in Cologne

    It's that time again!!!

    Finally, it is again user rotation action with me. And no no gangbang or stuff, no user party . I do everything individually and not too many. Ok if you have a sexy buddy and you want to turn a MMF threesome I'm still there. I rented a cool mega Location here in Cologne and wants to be neatly fucked by the beautiful apartment.

    To be honest, I would like to have one or two Sexy Whiteboy / WhiteMen,
    lately had a lot of black dicks.
    Mostly young or at least good-looking guys who like to be hung like a ***** in the cock area (wishful thinking but no need, size L is not enough and not always must be XXL) and have a stamina like a VW bus on round the world So fuck can until the pump gives nothing more. The only thing you have to bring with you is a well-groomed and horny and good mood, so that we can really let the pig out and happy when birds just forget the camera and it bangs the neighbors are complaining. Cameraman and professional equipment is everything at the start so do not worry.

    User turn appointment is the weekend on 22.3.19
    So exactly the 22.3.19, the 23.3.19 and maybe the morning on 24.3.19. the 24th is boor rather so if vpoorher did not go enough. So get in touch faster and for the 22.3.19. and the 23.3.19

    Who knows my videos know that I put more fun on horny fun, than on perfection and I think the real lust looks much better on the then finished film than if that is a asked ****.

    So if you feel like a casual number and meet my request then please get in touch and we can make something out. But it should be fucked properly, otherwise it's not fun and it could be that I fall ****** otherwise while the number as please guys and men I need a decent fucker on two to three, on the 21/2 days. ;)
    So get to the keys and send me a quick message with pictures of you and your date proposal.

  • Feb 17, 2019, 9:21:43 PM

    My latest video is too crass !!!!!

    I'll tell you honestly: YOU HAVE TO GIFT THE CLIP !!!
    I can not and do not say more !!!

    First of all, I have to warn you: I did not know if I really wanted to upload the clip because I was rarely fucked so broke and actually never looked so destroyed after a fuck as after this HARDCORE BBC fucking, which almost me Embarrassing is .. My horny chocolate stallion cock leaves me but never in the lurch and prepares me the hardest orgasms you can only wish and imagine. His mega hard and huge cock fucks me half insensible, until I can not even breathe and gasp for breath like a fish on the dry. Only my wet pussy is just the opposite, as soon as he swings his club in the direction of my pussy I start to leak and become aloof like a bitch in heat for my BBC Fuckboy. Predicate: If you do not see it is your fault !!!! Addictive potential 130% !!! I'll tell you, honestly, you'll watch the clip several times in a Welsh marathon, because that's just superhuman what the dick can do.