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  • Jun 18, 2018, 7:10:00 PM

    Rotary partner wanted !!! Hurried!!!

    Hello my dears,

    kikivega and I are still looking for enduring
    Partners in rotation Interess please only serious requests!

    please contact us at the latest tomorrow, we shot in Hannover from 24 - 26.6. , it would be good if you s.min min. two days could. The film is primarily about "normal" sex movies. No hardcore fetish ????
    please report with a meaningful photo.

    A message costs 35cent, can not do it for free unfortunately, then get the same spam from other girls ????

    GLG bussy Izzy

  • Dec 17, 2016, 1:29:57 PM

    very dear THANKS ....

    Hi guys , as you've probably already noticed, this year I also participate in the " Amateur of the Year " poll. Why ??? to win ;-) to the price money me even more cool clothes, shoes, toys and what very very fine, horny for my CamTechnik to buy. klatschen

    I'm sure you'll like the new gimmick, but I will not reveal it here yet ;-)

    So you my dearest, I have on 26.12. birthday engel and I would be sooooo happy if you make me your # 1 ;-)

    Since I'm a cams addict, I'm sure I'll be online every day (including my B-Day), so have a look and let's have some fun as always. Looking forward to you and THANK YOU for your support.

    kuss izzy

    very dear THANKS .... Watch Video
  • Nov 11, 2016, 10:56:33 AM

    Wish you all a great weekend ...

    do not forget .. to watch my new videos.

    bussy izzy

    Wish you all a great weekend ... Watch Video
  • Oct 21, 2016, 12:21:54 PM

    a sunny greeting in the rainy weather

    Hello guys, in the bad weather, I prefer to make myself comfortable in the bathtub ... and maybe I'll take a webcam with me again ;-) so have a look

    bussy your Izzy

    a sunny greeting in the rainy weather Watch Video
  • Sep 20, 2016, 10:06:56 PM

    Hello Hello

    Hey dear, I'm about to go home and I'm back in front of the live cam tonight.

    Bussy Izzy

    Hello Hello Watch Video