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  • Sep 8, 2018, 8:40:45 AM

    New Video - Power failure! Horny or angry! Creampie with electric trainee

    This morning, I got up and had no electricity and the fuse jumped out again and again. And if I have no coffee early, I'm always a bit moody, but somehow I was also horny again, my hormones have probably played crazy. Anyway, I then called an electric company have sent me then an apprentice and has not even solved the problem after 10 minutes. He then told me that he now has to wait for his boss, and whether we both could then have breakfast. I Did then answer bitchy and probably want to fuck too? He then of course said yes and because somehow was cool, I'm really on it let in with the fuck of the guy until he injected me all the cream in the pussy. Oh man, what a morning.


    Kiss Samira