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    I am Ashley. Ashley Storm . I am a puzzle of feelings and emotions. I will open the fantasy door for you and me. In my arms you can be whomever you want to be, Romeo or Casanova. . . And I can be yours forever or just for a one night stand. We will be the lovers with no shame. I may look young, but my mind is deep.

    What I like most? I think I like discovering that secret place inside of you. I like to see your face expression when you see my naked body stretching after a big, explosive orgasm. Or seeing your hungry eyes when I tell you my biggest fantasies, wearing nothing but my diamond thoughts. I would like to take you for a ride, in my gang bang fantasy, or lay next to you, telling how much I would like to make love with you. Sweat, bodies, tongue, caresses, smiles, hard-breathing, exhaust. You can touch the sky, if you will run through my maze…

    I will take care of your needs, I will embrace and love all your parts and all your faces…I have so much love to give, just come and claim it…