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  • Feb 7, 2019, 4:34:12 PM

    User - shoot with Nadine Cays on 04. & 05.03.2019

    User - shoot with Nadine Cays on 04. & 05.03.2019

    We are looking for male users of all ages and looks from 18 years!
    On the 04. and 05.03.2019 near Görlitz we are shooting an erotic film with the topic User - rotation, where the leading actress Nadine Cays interviews the users and shows their skills.
    In this project can be rotated with mask!
    What you should know about the productions:
    We shoot in a family atmosphere in the amateur - style (without huge film cameras and in private apartments, which are adapted to the respective topic), yet on the set other performers and at least one cameraman / director are present.
    It is shot and the material of course also published, for example, as a DVD and on relevant platforms, so that we need from you before the shoot a contract, a ID card copy, such as an ID shot. Since there is a strong demand for these shoots, you should register in time, because the seats are limited!
    When you sign up, we'll need a phone number from you so that the director can contact you for details. Registrations without contact data are deleted unread!
    What is important to us in general:
    You should be able to adhere to stage directions, be sympathetic and be a team player, because on the set everyone should have fun! Moreover, it works best in a harmonious team!
    Machos, know-it-alls and grunts are generally not welcome.
    Shooting starts at 11 am, admission: 10 am - 10.45 am; Unfortunately, late participants can not attend because it would disturb the rotation and preparation process!
    You will receive a copy of the film about 4 weeks after the shoot!
    Since we unfortunately had too many fake registrations in the past, the registration fee will be due in advance after your registration
    and can be done via PayPal or bank transfer. Only when payment is made, your turntable is firmly reserved for you!

  • Jul 30, 2018, 11:36:53 AM

    Relaxed lunch in front of the LIVE CAM !!! From 12 o'clock!

    Hey my sweetheart!

    Who wants to visit me during lunch break and to fight the Monday stress?

    I am live again from 12 clock today and look forward to seeing you !!!

    Bussyyyy, your Nadine!

  • Jul 25, 2018, 8:48:24 PM

    My MICROPHONE in the LIVECAM Works Again !!!

    Hey my dears!

    Who wants to visit me today in my LIVE - CAM and join me on such a nice evening ???

    Turn on and be a part of it - WITH TONE !!! My MICROPHONE GOES AGAIN !!!

    I see you sweetie in the CHAT !!!

    BUSSY, your Nadine !!!

  • Jul 22, 2018, 8:48:34 PM

    Finally LIVE in front of the CAM !!!

    Hey and Hey my sweethearts !!!

    After a longer break I'm AB IMMEDIATELY to be found again in the LIVE CAM !!!

    Daily from 21 clock, (well, at least almost every day!) And I'm looking forward to see you all again!

    Of course you can express your wishes again, what you want to see - whether Gothic, teeny style or very special wishes (swimsuit, denim jacket or whatever you think!)

    I'm curious, I'm looking forward to seeing you and I GO NOW ONLINE !!!


    SEE YOU SOON !!!

  • May 29, 2017, 12:13:45 PM

    !!! Visit me in the livecam !!! Daily from 21 o'clock !!!

    Hey sweetheart !!!

    Pictures and videos of me are not enough? You want to see me live? Then just visit me in my webcam show, daily from 21 clock, and of course "very natural" ;-), with my intimate hair, unvarnished and live for you there!

    Well, already feel like ?? Then turn in tonight and let you Spoil Geil right !!!