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  • Dec 7, 2017, 3:37:44 PM

    And with you? How often do you have a latte?

    So I've really been thinking for weeks about what I'm doing with this possibility of a blog! Yes and since I am like I am I have actually come up with something!

    I often ask myself a lot of different things and would like to have statistics for everything in my brain ...

    Does anyone know that, you drive through the area by some ghetto s.einem Neubaublock over and then I ask myself how many residents degree ****, have sex, etc ...

    The question I have: How often and why and where do you have a latte!

    Background: My husband sometimes got a latte already in situations where I think so, he has always said that it had nothing to do with anyone else but that it just is! :-) And if we were sitting there the other day and looked at Harald Lesch's cosmos there, he also got one, since I'm sure he is not lying !!! zwinker

    I want to know that out of interest ...

    Messages to me cost nothing !!!

    And with you? How often do you have a latte?