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Golden Showers

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Actually we could have opened a swimming pool after this piss spectacle. After the ebb tide comes the tide and the fierce. Our unripe piss sow had expected to be extremely pissed, but I think when he had seen our full bellies, that he knew at the latest because of what came to him. His mouth wide opened mouth just could not swallow everything when it started. From my cunt and from the dick of my sweetheart, there was plenty of pee. In total piss ************ and out of his mind, we missed him a piss orgy, which he certainly will not forget so soon. Completely pissed he was in the end in the juice and could do not grasp what we did to him.

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  • 69loewe76

    Jun 30, 2018, 3:49:52 PM

    Sehr schön, das hätte mir auch gefallen erst den Sekt eine Schwanzlady und dann den von Dir. Einfach ein Traum.

  • Dosenknacker555

    Jun 29, 2018, 3:59:49 PM

    Wow .... einfach nur geil

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