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To compensate me for only seeming 50 pct of a female in Size I was Blessed and Gifted with being Multi Orgasmic. I'm nothing if not an Alley Cat, The only problem being I've never quite been able to work out what my season is. I seem to be In The Mood all of the time. The Climaxes I reach, seemingly no end to them, as many as I like, must be Heaven sent. They are Noisy Boisterous affairs and so the need to open a Series of Videos dedicated entirely towards my Earth Shattering Climaxes, well that's how they feel to me. A little old lady once told me, you can determine the size of a person's orgasm by the velocity of their sneeze. I once sneezed in the background of a telephone call to which the caller quite shocked said

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  • GlenGrummel

    Jan 12, 2012, 7:57:21 PM

    Miss Tightass! The beauty of your body surpasses all a mean can dream of! More sprawling please!!
    (Preferably on MY bed, of course ....) :-)

    Response from DirtyZuZa

    Jan 14, 2012, 11:44:54 PM

    GLENGRUMMEL it is so nice to read your lovely and most charming video comments again. Something is not quite right at MDH in your absence. I would very much like you to hear me moaning and groaning as I explode, I do hope you will still be here at that point in time, I tend to be very audible :) Thank you again for all of your kindness. Hope you are well. Love ZuZa XXX

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