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Female Domination

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Well well, my little addictive slave? Did your addiction towards me lead you here again? Your brain I've fucked a long time ago and since then you have to constantly think of me, isn't it? I will fuck you again, but completely different this time! Bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide apart, so I can push my huge cock inside! Look at him closely, the way he sparkles and just waiting to be able to disappear in your tight pussy. Resistance is futile! I do whatever I want and I'll fuck you WHEN EVER I want. You will feel me deep inside you and you will groan with every push of pure pleasure. Till the end of your tight slave pussy I will ram my strapon into you until you whine for mercy. You are my little bitch, my Sissy and my whore. When I'm done with destroying your little asshole, I'll kick my great strap-on into your other hole until you have to choke. You'll lick it clean and taste your own juice. Nothing drives me more wild and turns me more on, than abusing a miserable slave whore, and do anything with him that comes to my mind.

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