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I tripped over your travel bag and an envelope fell out. I show me the envelope ... on it it's written "BLOWJOB $$$". Inside there's $200 cash! I start questioning you...who is this for? Do you get other girls to give you blowjobs when you travel? How come they get paid and I don't? I tell you that I've been thinking about your proposal...the idea. You think it might be a good way to pay off some debts by doing something I already love to blowjobs :) I think I want a piece of the action :) I come closer to the camera...and start stroking your cock gently with those soft fingers of mine. I look at you and lick my lips very slowly...just like I've just tasted a delicious chocolate cake. You want my mouth? My lips? My tongue ring? I gently start giving baby kisses all around the head of your cock....and then blow some hot air all over the cock...teasing me. MMMmmm you're so hard! ...

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