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    1080P FULL HD 60FPS! You like them big? You like them loud ? I simply get on video only my best ones! My flatulence will arouse you like you ever been before! Watch and hear me push it hard for you! TYPE OF FARTS INCLUDED IN COMPILATIONS - Non-Stop Farting ? Cupping multiple farts in a glass, smelling and describing them ? Closeup on my asshole while I fart ? Getting off on my farts rubbing my pussy butt naked ? Spread legs, pulling panties on the side to fart ? Farting while doing side leg raises on my training program ? Bending over in a fishnet dress to fart in your face ? Farting through a toilet paper roll with a tissue at the other end ? Farting in a jumbo-sized Peanut Butter jar and tasting it ? Pouring milk all over my ass and spray it all over the place with my strong farts ? Farting on the wall and shake the foundation

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