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    ImMeganLive Canada
    10:43 min
    Big Tits
    Female Domination

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    I've heard you're submissive. I'm convinced you're so turned on when I dominate you...AND I know you have a nice dildo sitting there waiting to fuck your ass! SO, let's step up your regular boring jerk off session a notch! Let me introduce you to my metronome. I WILL be the one in control of how fast you'll fuck your ass! Rules are simple...YOU follow my instructions AND the beat! Oh yes..I'll even make you peg your body. To make your dream come true'll get a lot of cleavage, nipples and lips from me! I'll tease you like you never been teased before! You won't be allowed to cum until I say so. You will edge for 11 long minutes....then you'll get to experience your best orgasm ever ! Why waste the best cum you ever shot ? Eat it! Still reading ? What the F*** are waiting for? Hear that? Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc...Metronome is better get that video NOW and start jerking!

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