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  • Mar 24, 2017, 8:27:48 PM

    Here are some info for a video shoot with me ....

    So if you also feel like making a video with me, there are a few things that should be considered.

    It is important that you are not afraid of the camera, it will not bite me, it has not bitten you yet. When shooting I can get a camerawoman or cameraman both would be possible or even with a tripod is more complicated but possible.

    If you're doing this for the first time and it's all totally new to you, then do not worry, we'll do it very slowly, so that both of us can have fun shooting

    Do you have a certain sexual fantasy you have ever wanted to experience in reality? Then let me know, the video synonymous according to your ideas, I'm pretty open to new. Taboo would be but anal sex and everything that has to do with violence or belongs in the toilet ...

    Expiration would be like this, we meet in the location that I have got my own for my videos. There we get to know each other and either there will be my girlfriend (blonde-kitty) or my friend, one of them will definitely be there. Because I hope you can understand that I will not make a meeting alone with a stranger man, that would be too much work for me first and secondly, I have already had bad experiences with user meetings, so it's just so.

    In any case, no matter who will be there you need not worry, they are both really nice friends of mine that will make the meeting as pleasant as possible. Should everyone have fun at the meeting. We will then discuss the process of video shooting there and it will explain everything that is important for the shoot so that a good video at the end comes out of it and when you are ready and all questions are resolved, we can start and have fun for two your ideas ;-)

    Filming location would be possible in Bayreuth, Cham, Regen, Aue, Dresden or Prague. I'm a lot on the job and also have my shooting locations that we can use for the meeting, so you do not have to worry about anything except how you get to the filming location ;-)

    If you feel like having an adventure with me now, just contact me and we will arrange a meeting ;-)

    LG Lisa is looking forward to meet you

    Here are some info for a video shoot with me ....