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  • Jun 13, 2018, 1:33:04 PM

    Thursday & Friday Cam! + New clips!

    ... and it got quiet around the Teuflin! Well, my dears ... I could not help it ... my promise was broken! Be 6 weeks no Cam, no new clips ... what's wrong with Demona?

    The truth: I have brought me a small souvenir from my holiday which has put me simply miserable the last 3 weeks! But slowly it's going in the right direction!

    The first new clip is already online and more follow this day! And yes, I will finally offer cam again! In my hot new latex dress, as promised weeks ago!

    Online I'm Thursday and Friday! I guess Thursday in the late afternoon between 17-19 clock and then again from 21:30 clock! Friday I try it then already from 14 o'clock to be on the scene! That's the good news! The bad ones are that I have to go back on vacation from the 24th of June - yes this luxury woman is then directly 6 weeks away! Whether I will give a Cam appointment again next week is still questionable ...

    For my cam these days applies: tribe's have priority, as well as all who share my Findom love!

    So until tomorrow!

  • May 27, 2018, 4:13:31 PM

    The peace is over! Demona is back from vacation!

    Yes, that shocks your blood in your veins, the mistress is back! Of course, first of all, I'll check all my losers for fidelity and offense, and I'm afraid I'll find something! Since I expect of you as my obedient subject, of course, that you have made no shame on me in the time of my absence and listed you like a stupid little + Wanderhure +, you can immediately return your savings with me! You know, from 24.06 you have almost 2 months of recovery from me, but before you'll show me again reasonable who you schäbbiges piece of cockroach belong and follow!

    To your surprise, I will be releasing new clips with the Cashmaster KJ later this week and in the future, the SissyNutt * s can be under your belt to be brought up by a real Alpha Stallion! Real you can come here under our carpet clean and be a real maid, but we expect only solvent and competent Arschkr * echer! And now, go nice on my side, rubbels you empty, create in my chat and ask me humbly what you can do for me or us!

    Greetings from sunny Düsseldorf

    Lady_Demona and Cashmaster KJ

  • May 13, 2018, 1:39:05 PM

    Wicked games in velvet, latex and nylon!

    Today it is
    last time cam before my vacation! As a special there are directly several fetishes in an outfit ... see clip!

    You may come to the session from 15:30 clock! From 14 clock I'll do the cam for voyeurs!

    Until my loser folk!

    Wicked games in velvet, latex and nylon! Watch Video
  • May 10, 2018, 9:41:42 AM

    Father day? That will be expensive! Latex show and extreme domination! Today from 13:30 clock!

    All mad for Father's Day your Nullpen! For you, that means that you are being ripped off right with me! But of course you get this daily on the W * ichskeks that you will eat well!

    To celebrate the day, I will once again chase my divine curves into my skintight brand new latex dress to make you hell even hotter than the helllords anyway!

    From 12:30 - 13:30 clock Spanner Cam! I allow you to join me on a live cam session with my favorite Subbie! Charge, come in, hold on and deliver! From 13:30 clock then you have the opportunity to be the victim of desire in my Prv Cam Chat! Spanner are also invited here!

    Of course, of course, only those of you who can afford to please the Dagger of Hell will be treated, because I really do not need to deal with each one of you! I make the Father's Day to my personal ZahlT * ag ... Finally, I want to end up nicely voll- or my account!

    Load up good, you'll be fine and when you're about to give your micro a Cage and wait obediently until it's your turn! I'm not going to be online for a long time, and for the rest of the month you can not hope for my favor - Lady Demona has her little sheep in the dry !!!

    If you can not
    pay, stay the fuck away!

    See you soon, my victims!

  • Apr 30, 2018, 6:21:27 PM

    Safe the date! 1st May 50% OFF

    Safe the date! 1st May 50% OFF

    You are fucking lucky, wanker! On first of May you'll get all my clips + 5 new clips for 50% off!

    From 2 till 8 pm is your time, so to visit my live latex cam stream!

    Do not miss it !! Next 50% action wants to be after the summer !!!

    See you on tuesday !!!