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After I had some bad luck in the part 1 with the Kartenabheben and was punished more, now here I have endured more luck and mus no more punishment. I have luck and may push a Dildo in my cunt and because I am anyhow already aufgegeilt, I use the opportunity and fuck me with it properly by and procure for me therefore also immediately one more orgasm. The penal actions of the first part are to be seen here in the 2nd part in my tits clear. My cameraman has filmed it for you in a cool Movie

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  • micobaer

    May 30, 2011, 9:35:13 AM

    solche belohnungen gibt es aber nur einmal am tag...ansonsten hast du alles zu tuen was der herr verlangt..und wenn du nicht folgsam bist, erfolgt die bestrafung sofort..und du willst es nicht immer so .also wirst du gezüchtigt..

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