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Female Domination
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Customer wrote: I was thinking that in this video you are very dominant ! You love to give sockjobs and want to know if you can give one to my cock ? I agree of course ! hehe You would have a realistic dildo and keep it held down throughout the clip , or fixed to something if it has a suction cup ? You would put the thick black socks on your arms and you would talk really mean to my cock. You would be sweet to me though ! hehe I would love to hear you talk about hurting my cock , how much you love hurting it and that you want to make it really sore and red ! You would love being cruel to my cock ! It would struggle to get away so you ask if you can punish it for me ? I agree as I am scared of you and how mean you are :-) With the sockjob action I would love you to do lots of hard squeezing , twisting my cock and rubbing it. One of my favourite things would be to see you hold the shaft really tightly in one sock hand while you rub the head with the palm of your other sock hand , rubbing up and down and around and around the sensitive tip ! Mmmm !!

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