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Your cock is my property, it belongs to me! This Latex Wichsanleitung fogs your senses! At the sight of me in the latex outfit, you automatically fall to your knees. Of course you hope for a Wichserlaubnis, because you do not know where to go with your boundless lust. So much lust and so little Wichserlaubnis! Your cock is hard and now? For the time being no Wichsanleitung! You will first be teased with a Teasing, a torture of the very special kind. I in a tight, oiled latex dress, shiny and shimmering, almost like a mirror. In addition, shiny platform boots - what more could you ask for? Did you really deserve this hot sight, Wichsi? Are you already very hot and curious, HOW you can jerk off? Are you allowed to play non-stop or do you have to do with a stop-and-go jerk off? How long would be your Wich pauses, if there are any? Whether you may touch your cock with your whole hand or maybe just with a few fingers? What about a splash permit?

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  • Romscher

    Mar 18, 2018, 6:37:21 AM

    Geile Lady.Geil gespritzt.

  • XxKidxRockxX

    Feb 16, 2018, 11:39:57 PM

    Geile wixanleitung aber cool wäre so a anleitung mit einem echten schwanzsklave

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