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  • Jun 12, 2018, 3:21:20 PM

    Horny public bathing lake action for everyone on 20.06.18, with Harley-24 and RosellaExtrem!

    Hello my love! My teenage girlfriend Harley-24 and I will do a hot public bathing sea action on Wednesday, June 20th (if the weather is good)! The action is being filmed, but do not worry you will go undetected because only your cocks will be filmed or you can wear masks! So that really everyone can inject and piss completely anonymous. We will wait for you naked on the shore of the lake:

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    Who wants to be there write me or my friend Harley-24, please, will then contact us and tell you more details, time and where the public action takes place.

    We hope there are lots of spray and pissing men!

    Bussi your dirty Dream Team, Harley and Rosella

  • Jun 9, 2018, 8:35:12 AM

    Today on Saturday, 09.06.18, 50%, on everything !!! From 8 o'clock to 14 o'clock!

    Hello my love! Today, there is 50% on everything in my profile. Have a look! I have made many new clips again and there is something for every taste! Because the winter went, the summer came, every man comes in my pussies! I'm horny beautiful woman, I'm a lady, sometimes the sow! Horny nipples, horny tits, you sow you do not have to ask long! Swallow, lick and suck every cock! Me Rosella, I'm insatiable and I want him all! So purely in my pussy, mouth and ass, ran all tails and march. The summer is over, winter is coming, I like to piss in your mouth! Also, I always want to swallow piss and sperm and fuck again and again! I'm a horny pig, do not bitch! Whether outside or inside, no tail can escape me! Even horny pussies are not foreign to me and lick them uninhibited!

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    I wish you a nice weekend! Your nasty Rosella

  • May 30, 2018, 12:41:21 PM

    Hot joint webcam show with Harley-24 and RosellaExtrem!

    Hello my love! On Sunday the 03.06.18, I do together with my hot teen girlfriend Harley-24, a horny WebCam show! And in the time from 18 to about 20 o'clock! So do not miss this hot teen / milf webcam show !!!!

    We look forward to you! Thick Bussi, Harley and Rosella

  • May 29, 2018, 3:02:09 PM

    Outdoor GangBang, on the 23rd of June, with Sarah-Star and RosellaExtrem, in Emmen (Holland) !!

    Hello my love! On Saturday, the 23rd of June, together with my friend Sarah-Star, I am organizing a great #Outdoor #GangBang , in an erotic-cafe in Emmen, in the time from 12 to 16 o'clock! That means in good weather the GangBang takes place on the outdoor terrace. In bad weather in the indoor lounge area, from the erotic cafe. This GangBang is filmed and it will be doing horny hardcore porn pictures! There are no faces filmed and enough masks are available! We want to twist and perform horny bukkake, GV (safe), NS swalloing, cum swalloing, deepthroat and blowjob scenes. You may fuck us (safe), us vollspritzen, pissed, fuck our mouths and fill with sperm and piss! The only expenses that you have with it are the entry into the erotic cafe!

    Everyone is welcome and the more spiky and pissing men come, the better!

    The recordings take place throughout the day and you can play unrecognized in our gangbang movies! We want to have as many men as possible on this day as well as enjoy and show them our qualities! Until all sacks and bubbles are completely emptied! Of course, we always look for great talents, which we often use in our films. Couples and women are welcome!

    If you want to be there and want to see us live, and / or would like more information, please contact me!

    Thick Bussi, your nasty Dream Team, Sarah and Rosella

  • May 27, 2018, 2:45:42 PM

    Today, on 27.05.18, awesome WebCam show!

    Hello my loves! I will be on Sunday, 27.05.18, from about 17.00 clock today,
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    Bussi your horny Dreilochstute Rosella