Slave-Pissloch with dilator stretched (his first time) !!

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Vamp-LuderDD Germany
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I wanted to play with my slave cock, so I called him on all fours to me he should sit next to me on the sofa so I had it comfortable and could use his cock! Of course, my slave obeyed and did what I told him, as he lay there, I took my dilator cutlery and started with a size that I think should be enough because it was the first time for my sub! I was surprised how easy the dilator went in my slave's piss-hole, so I took the next bigger dilator the size of the dilators got bigger and bigger until the piss-hole of my slave-pig got to its limits! My slave seemed to like that because his cock swelled violently but he had to hold back and was not allowed to cum! His efforts to test another even thicker dilator failed, here was the end of the terrain so I sent my slave back on all fours back to his room, where he should wait until I needed him again.

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