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LAUREEN-PINK Switzerland
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Deep Throat

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That was a great Halloween party! Masses of men poured into the cool club location where Saskia Farell had invited for the mega Bukkake Absamorgie. Maira and I have not quite squat with legs apart and open Fickspalte, we were already surrounded by Fickhengsten who stuffed us their fat spanking in the food. So it did not take long until we were zugekleistert of cum. They spit on our tits, in the food, in the open greedy Maulfotzen, it dripped us between the legs and we had obviously fun to sow around with the hot cum horny. Such a horny sperm orgy I have not had for a long time - I want it more often like this - and not only for Halloween! (Absamorgie in 3 parts - Part 3)

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