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Female Domination

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My devout treasure! Do you love to dress in lingerie and enjoy being in a female skin? Then do not decorate you and now put on for your horny games your hottest female underwear ... a few nylons, a panties, a bra and what else you like to wear, such as silicone breasts ... Once you wear the women's clothing, Do you just let yourself fall completely and go into my care ... I will educate you gently female to a good sissy ... show you how to move as a woman, show you how a sissy has to jerk off. .. until you feel my submissive sweetheart more and more female and enjoy it all my sissy to be ...

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  • Latexlover20

    Jun 15, 2018, 10:07:34 PM

    Meine verehrte Herrin Tyra,
    vielen Dank für diese Anleitung. Ohne Sie wüsste ich nicht was ich nur tun sollte und dher danke ich ergebenst für die Lektion und wünsche mir, ich könnte noch so viel mehr von Ihnen lernen.
    Geile Grüße, Ihr Latexlover

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