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Female Domination

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As long as you do not bother ME and others with your abnormal existence and you only do perverse things to please me and amuse me - very good! I enjoy perverse pigs. I myself am a very hygienic and clean woman - as it is for a lady. I find it disgusting, disgusting, nasty, stupid, and contemptuous when slaves are disgusting. But exactly from this situation, I can practice one of my favorite fetishes properly and feel 100% - to humiliate you! In the time when I am doing perverse disgusting games with you (or you are doing it), I despise you more than ever and it is much easier for me to get rid of the little filthy pig, to insult and to laugh out! You may mastubize your little worm-like process, for you are my favorite game-ball, the other side of the humiliation!

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