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Female Domination
Foot Fetish

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That you love my beautiful, tender, sexy and well-groomed feet, I can understand and understand. No matter how dirty they are, you would smell them, kiss them, worship them and clean them with your tongue! But how far would you go? Would you share my beautiful foot with a man when you spoil him? Would you even be willing to caress, kiss, and lick a man's foot on my orders? Would you like a man to suck his toes? To completely lick his sole? How far is your foot fetish? How far are you ready to go for your mistress? Look at how far I have slaves. They are so humble and submissive that they lick each other's feet. Peres has it with my Sissy something easier. Even her feet look very feminine. Watch this clip, enjoy what you see and ask yourself the questions. Do you have such a nasty taste for feet? Or do you just make everything around me - your domina, make happy?

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