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  • Jul 5, 2018, 11:07:01 AM

    "How does a meeting actually work?"

    "How does a meeting actually work?"
    This is the most asked question here, so I'm trying to answer this publicly here.

    At the moment I do not do any meetings alone, at least one of my friends is always there. And no matter what everyone thinks and no one dares to ask: we are not prostitutes, we do not want any money from you, we do not have a "cameraman", we usually do not give you naked / in lingerie the front door, and fall directly over you .... We are normal people and behave like that.

    Imagine visiting your friends for football or barbecuing. You chill together, talk about this and that, eat something ... That's exactly how it will be with us, except that at some point we'll start doing something awesome. kichern

    All the men we met so far were totally different, so it was the meetings too.

    For the filming itself: You hold the camera mostly yourself, or we use a tripod, no uninvolved person films. WHAT we do is not fixed, you can tell what you feel like and how well you harmonize. This is explained in detail, but that we prefer it, if in the movie Blowjobs, Sexual intercourse and horny cumshots take place, anyway, is clear to everyone ... peinlich I always mask faces and tattoos. It can happen that one does not understand oneself well enough to have sex with each other. (but has not happened very often * laughs *) Of course you should try a bit too hard, that it will be a good clip. So roughly do not film the environment and miss the action :-)

    Same right for everyone: Normally, we invite the first to respond to a call here on the blog. But it can happen that for some reason it does not fit (because we are all human), then we take the second one. ;-)

    Our calls look like this: "We are looking for a partner in Cologne for the 1st of July at 3 pm You should have a few hours and have fun having sex in the open air" (The more details we know before, the more more we write in) Please only then report, if you really want / can, and not "I feel like, is also on 3.7.?". This will make it much easier for us.

    We are really looking forward to you! klatschen

  • Jul 4, 2018, 10:50:41 AM


    Hey guys, so far I've done it that I deleted all blog entries as soon as I did not need them anymore. That is, if I search for a partner for a specific date, I delete the entry immediately, as soon as one has reported. so that people do not compete in vain. This has some people thought, nothing happens here. Sorry! The blog is still active, and we continue to look for partners for rotation ;-)

  • May 8, 2018, 10:24:02 AM

    Finally :-)

    Huhu, I am eeeendlich again in front of the webcam, have already missed mega zwinker

    Let's do something cool ok? wixen

  • Apr 10, 2018, 10:34:16 AM


    Sorry my internet just seems to be spinning around, sorry to all of you who have just looked into the webcam, but I'm trying to get in again kusspeinlich

  • Mar 16, 2018, 12:17:17 PM

    Oh crap ...

    I can not go online with the webcam today because my sister (x_SANDRA_x) has snatched off with the space in front of the webcam. neid Maybe you visit her and tell her that this is not really okay! kichern