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  • Aug 14, 2018, 10:31:33 PM

    Cam tomorrow from 12-13 clock! ;-))

    Dear Wichsfreunde and satisfaction lovers,

    I look forward to welcoming you tomorrow at noon in my cam and sweeten the day
    to be allowed...! -p

    until then, I remain with friendly Pussyergüssen

    Miss Lovely Lola;)

  • Aug 10, 2018, 11:13:20 PM

    A nice hot weekend,

    that wishes you, yours
    Lola: *

    have fun with everything that makes ir :-))

  • Jul 25, 2018, 5:05:48 PM

    Supervised coffee / ice cream / cocoa slurping ... a date with me ...

    Hey ... I met a lot of nice people here. That's why I want to do those with the one I want to do with you above. It's NOT about SEX, VIDEO, PHOTOSHOOTING, etc.

    Only coffee or similar

    Since I'm young, and I need the money I want
    like 50 euros for an hour with me: P

    That would take place in the Leipzig area.

    If that does not suit you, if you find it unfair, cash-hungry or whatever, then you do not have to do it. That's just an offer, which you can accept or not accept.

    So please be fair and not offensive. That's me too.

    If you feel like it, get in touch ...

    Your Lola ...

  • Jul 14, 2018, 7:52:07 AM

    How can you meet me ... a little guide ...

    Often I was asked for meeting and I often refused :)

    "Hey I can fuck fully horny and that for 100 hours" or "I do not mind to chat, but I would like to fuck you anyway" does not sound so seductive ... yes I have claims, but I think I may also have.

    You will surely ask yourself now: "Hm, so if you do not believe that I can fuck you 100 hours, what the hell then !!" Well, very easy! Be nice. Imagine you meet me on the street, you would not tell me that.

    I'd like to know who I'm dealing with before I run the risk of meeting a lunatic: P

    I expect a longer introductory phase and also that you regularly buy something from me. Yeah right!

    "Boah you horny bitch!"

    But I'm more concerned that I see that I am also worth something to you and you do not just talk nonsense nonsense just so I meet with you.

    Last but not least, a meeting does not mean fucking! You can beat that out of your head. If the sympathy is right, then we can possibly tackle that .... depending on.

    So, if you agree with all the points, then I'm looking forward to you and a hot date :)

    Your Lucy


    So ... many have complained to me now. "Hey great attitude, but that I have to buy something from you to meet with you, I'm not okay you money-horny biatch!" Yes ... you want a special treatment? You want 24 hours contact, always write, I should
    always be reachable for you? And you do not want to do anything for it? And should I fuck with you and for the best still drive through Germany? Of course, I'm on my way ....

    UPDATE Part 2:

    I puke this whole meeting-story mega. You read this blog and still ask me every 2 minutes "When can we finally meet ???????" It does not work that way, and if you just can not accept no, then you can forget that anyway.

    And if you do not get it, that if you ask for a meeting in the first 3 sentences you're down, then I can not help you either. What do you think ?? That I just waited for me that durchfickt me without much blabla?

    And I do not want money for it, I like to do it. But think about it a bit over there, I can not laugh about it ....

    UPDATE 3

    I'm going to republish this blog from time to time, so do not be surprised, as this is a lingering topic.

    UPDATE 4

    There are many nice people here, with whom I understand myself and whom I like and would almost name friends.

    So not that you think I see here only the negative ...;)

    Have a good weekend :*

  • Jun 29, 2018, 5:09:09 PM

    A super nice sunny weekend,

    that wishes you all your Lola and have a lot of fun in everything you do! <3

    LG ....