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Foot Fetish

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As a fetish session provider specializing in foot fetish, I decided to make a video incorporating all the things I love about foot fetish. The video begins with him worshiping my sexy feet. He kisses them, rubs them and watches them as I move my feet around. Getting aroused, he starts sucking on my toes and licking my feet. He loves my feet. He thinks that they are soft and sexy, more erotic than any other part of my body. I let him lay under my feet, feeling the weight of my feet on his face as I flex my feet on his forehead for added measure. He takes off my top, licking my nipples as he travels down to my pussy. There he eats me out while my feet dangle behind him. Now it is his turn, I start massaging his nice large cock with my feet. I use my arches to encircle the girth of his cock, going up and down as I jack him off with my feet. I turn around, shoving my ass up in the air. He takes turns looking at my feet sliding along his dick and my pussy peaking through my thighs. It isnt long before he is ready to explode, and he cums all over my feet. His thick white cum is easy to see and I show it off for a minute before ending the night. #footfetish #feet #FJ

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